Why Worldview?

(And why it’s okay that you didn’t know you had one.) You’ve heard the expression about someone seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Well, we all see the world through our own particular lenses—of which we’re generally unaware. How are these lenses crafted? By our interactions with and experiences of the world and of others. By what we’re told and taught and what we read, listen to, or view. By our own digestion of all the above, which takes place where our personalities meet the things that impact and influence us.

So why is worldview important? Simply put, how you deal with the world depends on how you see it. Your worldview shapes your view of right and wrong, good and bad, possible and impossible, desirable or undesirable, worthwhile or worthless. So your own sense of purpose, happiness, and fulfillment arise within the context of your worldview, as does the way you treat others and your environment.

Worldviews may be more or less rigid but they’re not static. They evolve as you (and your experiences) change. Nonetheless, your worldview may contain numerous facets that have passed their “use by” date. Since worldviews tend to be implicit and unquestioned, they can be full of leftovers from times gone by—which might have made sense given your stage of development then, but not so much now.

This course is an opportunity to examine what’s actually in there—what kind of glasses you wear. It’s also an opportunity to consciously question, assess, and—if it seems right—to alter the nature of that lens. In this way you can lay firm foundations on which to build your life (knowing that the edifice you construct will be the work of a lifetime).

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