Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring for Individuals

Leadership: You don’t have to be in a position of authority to exercise leadership. Even if you are, it takes more than authority to make you a good leader. Leadership is a skill that you can apply in many situations and life circumstances, both personally and organizationally.”

Coaching & Mentoring: The usual difference between coaching and mentoring is that, in the former, my purpose is to draw out YOUR expertise. However, at your request, I can also share some suggestions drawn from my own experience and expertise (such as education and writing). From a complex systems perspective, coaching makes a lot of sense to me.

YOU are the expert on your life. You know yourself best—both as a complex system in your own right and as a member of wider systems (such as, family, workplace, groups of friends, affinity groups, etc.). My primary role—mostly through asking you questions and reflecting back your answers—is to help you to see more clearly the various aspects of these systems. This, in turn, enables you to find and implement those change-levers that you believe can best effect the kinds of systemic change you want. In this role I’m a coach.

However, if you wish to work with one or more of the approaches outlined in “About,” you will probably need some mentoring to understand more about how they work. This requires me to share some of my expertise. Mentoring may also be useful to you in the implementation phase, as you apply your new understandings.

Therefore, my usual preference is to combine coaching and mentoring as appropriate, but always in consultation with you. I’ll let you know when I think I can offer some expertise or insight that may be helpful. But you’ll be the one who decides whether you want that or not. Always, my goal is to empower you to acquire new tools and learn how to use them, in unfolding your own τέλος.

To SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION, at which we will discuss how I might best serve your needs, go to Contact and call and/or email.


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