Areas of Special Expertise

Nonprofits and Public Benefit Corporations: I have considerable experience with a variety of nonprofits, as well as a great interest in public benefit corporations. Furthermore, I see tremendous potential in the development of collaborations between nonprofits and benefit corporations, in pursuit of common social and environmental goals. (For example, a benefit corporation interested in promoting a certain type of education could donate to a nonprofit school that is dedicated to this type of education. In turn, the school could encourage its families and students to patronize the benefit corporation.)

Education: I have extensive experience in the field of education, having served as a teacher, administrator, and board member with numerous schools. I have also worked with numerous public charter and district schools, as Co-Director of the Center for School Change. I am also a longtime instructor and senior fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing. My areas of greatest interest and expertise are:

  • Waldorf Education
  • Camphill Schools & Villages
  • Classical Education
  • Charter Schools
  • Small Colleges and Folk High Schools
  • Complex Systems Education
  • Teacher Mentoring & Evaluation
  • Curriculum Development
  • School Governance & Administration
  • Personalized Learning

Writing: If your organization is in need of temporary or ongoing writing services, I am experienced and accomplished in the following areas:

  • Grant Writing
  • Research
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Editing

Tutoring & Test Preparation: I also work directly with students, in areas in which I have specific expertise (primarily in the humanities), or to help students prepare for upcoming tests, such as SATs and ACTs.

To SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION, at which we will discuss how I might best serve your needs, go to Contact and call and/or email.

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